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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I hope it was worth his quarter...

Yesterday it was me versus the Subway worker. Not the subway you ride, the restaurant made famous by their Jared diet and five-dollar-footlongs. If you happend to read my first post (which I smartly decided to delete), you know I was a bit stressed because we sadly forgot my m-i-l's birthday so consequently I had to head to the mall yesterday to find her a gift.

The trip actually went surprisingly well. I was able to find her a gift and get new shoes for both babes before anyone had a meltdown. Monkey had seen a Nathan's hotdog stand as we headed to the shoe store so I promised him that we would return after getting shoes and he could have a hotdog for lunch. So we did. Except that they didn't have any kid drinks so after we ate the hotdogs I took him to Subway to get a drink.

He chose a chocolate milk...that doesn't have a lid...just a big opening perfect for spilling. As I purchased the milk, I asked the man working if I could have a cup and a lid so my little one wouldn't make a mess. This man spoke English. He was of another ethnicity, but he clearly spoke English. Except he tried not to understand the words "cup" and "lid"! After finally getting my point across (with a lot of pointing and even though he KNEW what I was asking for) he told me it would be 25 cents. I told him fine, just add it on, but he then informed me that he had already swiped my card and he couldn't run it again. I checked my wallet and offered the 15 cents I had, but he just shook is head no.

I have been trying very hard to live as a Christian (and I know this is going to sound terrible), but I left Jesus standing outside of Subway yesterday. I thanked the man for his help and we started to leave.

But then I had a better idea.

We stayed...

parked at the booth closest to the register. You see, I was trying to get a cup to go so I could be on my way and make Bug a bottle because she was getting CRANKY! I was here to deliver his karma...I let the Bug yell and scream her little heart out (with an occasional Cheerio to sustain her) while I made comments like, "If we just had a cup with a lid, brother could have taken his milk with him and we could have been on our way to make you a bottle." I thought it was pretty funny.

Subway man did not. Maybe he'll think twice about the way he treats a mama next time.

**Note to any haters. I don't withhold food from my child. She eats like a 200lb man and wants (not needs) a bottle before she goes to sleep (and it was nappy time) regardless of whether she ate 20 min. or 2 hours ago. So don't leave me any nasty comments or I'll enlist you to serve for her night feedings because yeah she's 10 months and still gets a bottle mid-night. **


  1. Oh my goodness I cannot believe the Subway man! That wasn't very nice on his part! That's funny what ya did sounds like something I would do LOL

    Have a great weekend
    Summer ;0)

  2. Oh man! This is funny! Christians we may both be, I'd have done the same thing! I can't stand disrespect like that! I'm kind of glad you taught him a lesson!

  3. That is hilarious! I mean your only human! I think anyone would have done that.

  4. Oh my!! I sure hope he learned his lesson!

  5. Miss!!! I can't believe I was in Subway yesterday too!!! It always tweeks me that they don't have napkins available.....they only put the exact amount in your bag....well, they didn't put I had to stand in line get TWO. I just always have to take a deep breath and remind myself that the teenagers working there are only following some big whig in corporates rules....what a hoot!!!

  6. i can not believe he wouldn't give it to just bought a drink for pity's sake!!!!!!!!

  7. I think you are awesome!! What a great way to get payback!


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