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Friday, March 19, 2010

Top Five Friday...Guilty Pleasures

This week I'm sharing my Top 5 guilty pleasures. I do realize that they may be lame, but it is what it is. Here we go:
#5. I watch Gossip Girl. Yes, I know I'm a 27 year old woman, and that they are supposedly college freshmen, and that the storylines are cheesy and ridiculous, but I love it! Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass are my favorite characters!

#4. Old Fashioned Cherry Cokes from the drugstore...I understand that they probably contain even more sugar than a regular coke, but there's something about a cherry coke made at a soda counter with the flavored syrups that you can not beat. I can't wait until I can have one again!

#3. I listen to rap music. I always have...I didn't think anything about it in high school or college, but now that I'm a mom it just seems a bit weird. I rationalize it by thinking that maybe by listening to it my children will develop a sense of rhythm. I do have to switch the channel quite often now that Monkey is comprehending more, but when I'm alone in the car I turn the volume up, way up. :)

#2. I love stiletto heels. I have a closet full of them and I would rather spend my money on them than practical shoes that I could wear everyday. I really want a pair of these one day a long long time from now! (all images via Google images)

#1. I read this blog. I think she is hilarious. I love her delivery and I make the RedHead listen as I read every post aloud to him. I think he thinks she's funny too, but he probably thinks I'm a bit strange because of how much I like them.

There you have guilty pleasures. What's yours?


  1. What? You can still get flavored sodas from drugstore? What year is it down South?


  2. ooooh those are gooood ones!!!! I have a few....really good jeans....the rolex watch my parents gave me....anything chocolate/peanut butter, going out to lunch, and a whole day all to myself doing whatever I want!!

  3. Being a Friday Guilty Pleasure has made my day, and I am totally blushy! THANKS!

  4. You're my hero! I wish I had the courage to buy stilettos!

  5. Hey there Southern Belle Mama!

    I'm a reader, but now I'm a commenter and a follower too!

    I love Chuck and Blair. What I wouldn't do to raid Blair's closet for a day (if her clothes were bigger!) :)

    Love your blog!

  6. You're funny... Following now! (Also - the thing with the Louboutons (spelling...) is the red soles - genius marketing I tell you...)


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