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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life's Little Curveballs

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have been on blogging hiatus for the past several days. Things started last Thursday night when Bug woke up to be fed and we noticed that the heat wasn't running. We said, "Hmmm...that's not good," but we fed her and bumped it up a few degrees since the thermostat said the temp was only about 3 degrees below what we had it set on. Fastforward 6 hours and we wake up and it's about 58 degrees in our house. We snuggle all four of us in our bed and the RedHead calls a repairman asap. We spend Friday going back and forth between our house and my Mama's and when the repairman comes and checks it out he gives us the news. The good news was that it was just the small motor on the blower that had died, not a problem with the central heating system. The bad news was that no where locally stocked the part of the brand we have, so it would be Tuesday before the part arrived.

Given the news, we decided to split up. The RedHead and Monkey would stay at his parents' and the Bug and I would stay at my Mama's. Things go as smoothly as possible Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night, and Monday night. Tuesday arrives, but sadly our replacement part does not. And then the story gets even better. Monkey went to Preschool and I went to Bible Study Tuesday morning, we got some lunch and then got ready for swim practice. As we were getting ready to leave, Monkey started telling me that he was tired. I asked him several times if he'd like to stay home and he said he still wanted to swim, so we went ahead. By the time we arrived at the Y, I looked back and the poor thing had tears in his eyes.

I told him I thought it would be best if we just went back so he could take a nap (I attributed this to being away from home and probably not sleeping well). He agreed and we had been home about 10 minutes when he said his tummy hurt and the puking began. Twenty minutes later I was sick, and twenty minutes later my Mama came home from work and was sick. Being that there's only one bathroom in her house we decided to get a hotel room. The RedHead came home and rescued the Bug from the sickhouse and took her to his parents. Then the three of us headed to the Holiday Inn for the night. Poor hubby stayed to help us, but about 10 that night he got sick too. The boys escaped with the lightest version of the illness, while I was the sickest. No matter what the illness, I always seem to get it twice as bad as everyone else.

Finally, about three p.m. yesterday we got our heat back on and everyone was feeling better (although very tired). We decided to let Bug stay at his parents one more night just to be safe. Today, we're all feeling MUCH better and I am so happy to have all of my family back under one roof. There's nothing like life's little curveballs to make you appreciate all you have!


  1. As somebody who also had heater issues this winter, I am so sorry! That is so stressful and cold and no fun!

  2. Stomach bugs are awful & no heat to boot! You poor thing!


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