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Monday, March 8, 2010

Top Two Tuesday...and A Birthday Wish!

I'm doin' a little combo post today because Taylor's Top Two Tuesday topic (say that 3 times) happens to be Favorite Names, so I want to share my picks, but I also want to send the biggest birthday wish out to my little man who turns 4 today!

My top two favorite boy names are Colson (my son's name) and Griffin.
My top two favorite girl names are Lillian (my daughter's name) and Emerson.
Maybe we'll have one more of each and I can use Griffin and Emerson too! :)

Now...Happy Birthday to my little Monkey!
From this...
To this...
I've loved every minute of our last 4 years together!

Here's a few clips of our precious little boy in his first few days (no comments on our awesome videography skills...they're great, I know.):

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  1. Happy Birthday to your little one! Your children's names are adorable:)

  2. Love your names :) And babies grow up way too fast! Its such a cliche saying until you have one!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little boy! Love your names!

  4. I love the name Griffin - so cute!

  5. ok that is funny! my youngest daughter is named Lillian and taylor's fav (well one of) girls name is emerson...unless she changed it...
    great names!
    thanks for the giveaway shout!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! those pics are so cute!!!! Love your name picks!

  7. Happy Birthday - they are so adorable when they sleep!

  8. Love Griffin and I just recently heard of Emerson and I love it. Happy Birthday!

  9. I love that he's doing the same pose in both pictures. So funny. Happy Birthday to him!!:)

  10. My baby girl is Emersen! Such a sweet name!

  11. If you named her Emerson, would you call her Emmy?

  12. Aw...happy birthday to your son! Don't they just grow up so fast.

  13. Cute, cute names! And a very Happy Birthday to your son.

  14. I love the name Emerson for a girl! And Colson is pretty close to our top boy name. We were thinking Colton or Colt for short. {I am expecting our second child, a boy, July 1st}


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