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Friday, March 5, 2010

Top Five Friday...I Realized

This week I'm sharing the Top 5 things I realized while we were out of our home because of no heat.

#5. You will forget to pack your razor. And it will result in an 'emergency' call to the husband to bring you the razor.

#4. Although 45 degrees may sound like a welcome temperature when you've been through several recent snow storms, it is hella cold when it's the temp inside your house.

#3. On the day when your heat is supposed to be restored, everyone in your family will contract the Norovirus.

#2. Your children will be spoiled beyond recognition when living with their grandparents for 5 days.

#1. You will realize just how precious your family, home and health are...and thank the Lord for putting you all back under one roof!

Short, sweet. It's all I have energy for this week! Now off to prepare for Monkey's birthday party tomorrow. My little man is turning 4!

**I also wanted to give a little blog love to Breanna @ A Southern Girl With Curls. I won my first giveaway...some fun new chapstick. I'll be checking my mail!**


  1. Oh bless your heart! I know this has been rough! But everything is back to normal, yay! Happy Birthday to your sweetie :)

  2. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've experienced #5, but without anyone to get one for me.

  3. Yay for being back under one roof!

  4. Glad the heat is on! Singing that show...

  5. Goodness Misty! What a week you've had!! I read your comment on Shelli's blog that you've never seen Scentsy products! You would love them!! Shelli is having an open house on March 19 from 6-9 if you would like to come. She is having her 31 things there, I am having my Scentsy things there and another friend of ours is having hairbows, crocheted hats, jewelry and covered baby wipes cases that are very cute! You should try to come if you can!

  6. heck fire girlfriend! that is horrible! glad your back and can't wait to hear about the party! my friend should have fixed the problem on my blog! have a look and see

  7. The Monkey is four today??? Holy Smokes! Time flies. I have been thinking about you this week, especially after reading Wed/Thurs posts. I love you!

  8. WOW - they should have a show about you!


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