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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Step...

I'm quickly figuring out that this whole, "Sell your house, build a house, ...happily ever after" thing is a S.L.O.W process. We started things with the contractor in November (that's my guess. see it's been so long I don't even remember) having him price our plans and such, and now here we are in February and we are still waiting to close on our loan. Don't get me wrong, progress has been made (survey of land, septic something done, electrical boxes put on site, loan application, and appraisal), but I had no idea how many baby steps are required in a new construction. Buying this house was way easier!

We had originally said that we would wait to put our house on the market once we had closed on our loan, but the bank is dragging their money loaning feet so we went ahead and did the deed yesterday. Our house is officially on the market. We are attempting to sell it ourselves using because paying commission to an agent would totally rob us of making any profit in this market. I'd like to share the site, but it has our address on it and you never know who's lurking so I'll just share the inside pics we put up. Our hopes are that someone who wants to take advantage of the governments homebuyers program will want to buy it because the rebate they would receive would make this house a great buy. If, perchance, you plan on moving to NC and would like to buy a lovely starter home, email me and I will gladly sell you ours!

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