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Friday, February 5, 2010

Top Five Friday...Let's Decorate

The process of building a new house is exciting, but what interests me more is decorating said house! For this week's Top Five, I thought I'd share my favorite home decor websites. Here they no particular order:

#5. Horchow
I love these adorable benches:

and their kitchen wares:

#4. Williams-Sonoma Home
My favs are these precious wreaths:

and these cute birdie pillows:

#3. Russell & Mackenna
I love their fun fabric prints for sofas and chairs:

and their lovely cottage style furniture that's perfect for children:

**And I will never shop at here because the prices are crazy high!**
#2. Anthropologie: At Home
My favorite things are their retro kitchen ware:

and their gorgeous bedding:

#1. Pottery Barn
We will have this table and chandelier in our house...oh yes we will!

I hope you enjoy these! All are linked up, so go peruse for yourself and please share if you have any favorite sites!


  1. LOVE the bee flatware !! Oh and pretty much everything else too- esp the chandelier!!

  2. Yay! You are my first follower. You made my day! I didn't know you were a blogger too! I am obsessed with blogs. I read them everyday so I thought I should just join in. You have a cute one. I was just telling Mindi I wish we had some bloggers around here. Your kids are so cute, I see you have a diva too. Harper is a little priss-pot! It is so different having a little girl around here. I am excited to add you to my list of blogs to read!

  3. the prices at Anthropologie are crazy high...but they have ohhhhh such pretty things that i want! and speaking of other crazy things... yes you read the new kid count right! ha ha...i think i'm gonna post an update later...

  4. Hey Misty!! I love your blog! Shelli and I have been reading blogs for a while now! I see your kids on facebook sometimes and they are so cute. Thanks for joining Shelli's blog. Maybe we'll see you at the pool this summer!!!



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