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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Drumroll Please...

Pamella from The Treat Girl! Congratulations on winning my first giveaway! I honestly didn't expect to have more than 5 or so people enter, and it really made me wish I could have everyone win something! Maybe one day I'll be like Oprah and can say, "Everyone gets a car!" Highly unlikely, but just maybe. I'll definitely be hosting another giveaway, but I feel like I received the biggest gift...meeting new bloggers and getting to visit your blogs. Thanks again to everyone that entered!

...Treat Girl, please email your shipping info to and I'll put it in the mail asap.


  1. Miss......Thank you sooooo much!!!! I feel like a princess!!! Did you know the TreatGirl looooooves aprons???? And Vera Bradley? And Chocolate????? And of course Starbucks??? I'm excited for a new book too! It must be good if you've read it so many times......Thanks again Miss...You rock!!!


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