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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Sugah For Lent

This Lenten season, the RedHead and I are giving up sugar. Yes, sugar.

I was like, "How about sugar in my coffee and sweet tea and cokes (because I had already picked sweet tea as my own)??"
He frowned at me.

So we're giving up refined sugar in everything. Now we're not going to be super picky if there's some sugar in certain breads or foods, and fruit sugars are okay, but we've given up the basics: desserts, sugar drinks, candy, sugary breakfast foods (you get the idea).

This is going to be hard. And really, I guess it should be. It's a sacrifice. I did go out with a bang though. After agreeing to expand to all sugar versus just my sweet tea (which would have still been big for me) I drove myself to a deli in our town that has the best Hot Fudge Cake and indulged my sweet tooth. It was definitely Fat Tuesday!

It's just Day One and I am realizing that I rely on sugar in my diet more than I really knew. No cinnamon toast for breakfast, must replace that sugar in my coffee, no cookies for a snack. I think I can do it though; especially with the RedHead as my partner. After all, it's just the smallest of sacrifices compared to what was sacrificed for us.

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**Random note: Just turned on the Olympics...curling, really??**


  1. I think curling is weirdest! Weird name, weird game!

    I'm giving up pasta for Lent.


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