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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top Five Friday...My First Giveaway!

This week's Top Five Friday is devoted to you guys! It's my first giveaway, and I'm very excited! One giveaway, five things, some new, some lovingly used. Let's play!

#5. One of my most favorite books, The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc. I have had this book for a number of years, and I read it every summer. I've finally decided that I've read it enough, and I'm ready to pass it on to someone else to enjoy.
<--google image

#4. This cute little number! I bought this pink and green apron from Williams-Sonoma maybe 2 or 3 years ago and I think it is just precious. However, after buying many many aprons I've decided that the best fit for me is the half/skirt apron. So this one's going to one of you!

#3. A $5 gift card to one of my most favorite establishments...Starbucks! My favorite drink is a tall caramel latte with whipped cream, but you can get whatever you please. Mmmm!
<--google image

#2. A Vera Bradley brag book. Everyone has someone to brag about; precious children, a spoiled pet, a cute hubby, or wonderful friends, and this is the perfect way to keep pictures of your loved ones with you!

#1. A box of Organic Chocolate Truffles from Whole Foods. I discovered these this past Christmas and I can say I was addicted after my first one! They just melt in your mouth and you can easily eat ten or more without realizing it.

<--google image

Okay...there's the loot. Here's how to enter:

*Be a follower. Leave a comment and let me know if you're a follower, new or old. 1 entry.
*These are 5 things I love. Tell me 5 things you love in your comment and you'll get 2 more entries.

*Blog about the giveaway. Let me know you've let your readers know about it and you'll get 2 more entries.

I will run the giveaway through Monday@ 5pm ET and I'll post a winner Tuesday morning.
Now go enter! :)


  1. SO I am already a follower and I read your blog everyday!

    Now for the 5 things I love(its so hard to think of just 5!)..
    1. The thing I cant live without right now would be Diet Dr. Pepper
    2. A Pair of Gap Skinny Jeans that I just thought I would give a try and I love them!
    3. Steve Madden boots that I wear with my Skinny Jeans that are so comfy and really cute.
    4. Scentsy wickless candles. They smell good and they are so pretty. I think I have 4 in my house!(mindi sell's them by the way)
    5. My christmas present from Jared, D & B Pocketbook. It's HUGE and yellow!

    Gosh I could keep going with these!

    I am going to blog about you and your giveaway right now, and I have known you the longest so that should count for something! Just kidding! HA!

  2. I am a follower, of course! I will post this on my blog today :) Five things I love??
    1.Burt's Bees
    2.Holiday decorations
    3.My pink plaid rain boots
    4.OPI Nail Polish

    Have a wonderful day, mama!

  3. I am a follower

    5 things I love===
    1. Bare Escentuals brushless mascara
    2. Philosophy Hope in a Jar
    3. Koigu KPPPM knitting yarn
    4. Tretorn nylite shoes with pink
    5. Tulips

    What a great idea. I had no trouble coming up with things. (I could go on for a bit now).

  4. Of course I am a follower, and I could just copy your giveaway as my fave 5 list, but here are some other things that I love:

    1. My sweet 10-month-old, Collin
    2. Target
    3. Ann Taylor Loft - petite section :)
    4. My iPhone
    5. Chick-fil-a peppermint shakes (thankfully the chick-fil-a here kept them around after Christmas was over)

    Happy Friday!

  5. OHHH ME ME ME...I mean I'm a follower...I'm a young follower...(ha ha ...i just hate using the word old)
    as for the apron..i'm a huge apron lover..i've got 5 of my favorites. (in my onion goggles photo i had a fav on...a friend got it from the store i can't afford has turtles on it...)

    5 favorite things (as of late)
    1. obviously hanging w/the kids and hubby. i love hearing their laughter
    2. a book that is part of a serious. i love to read...usually have 2 going at once and love books that never end
    3. cherry 7up..i'm addicted to them lately. i don't know what it is but i have to have 1
    4. going to the movies...there is something about being in a dark theater and watching it on the big screen
    5. being pregnant! ha ha i love feeling babies grow!

  6. Hi there fellow NC blogger. I would enter but I never win anything! You have some delightful prizes though. I will be back to visit your blog. It's great!

  7. I just found your blog and am a new follower!
    Five things I love are Smashbox Photofinish foundation primer, skiing, goldendoodles,and Jeni's ice cream.

  8. Hi I am a new reader.

    My top favorites: (in random order)

    My Family
    My Camera
    Books ( Day of the Bees was great )
    My tiny house and all the memories it holds.

    And I will be posting you on my blog too.
    I hope I win. A sugar free tall skinny mocha latte sounds YUMMY!

  9. I am now a follower!

    1. A good cup of hot chocolate
    2. Wandering around Greenwich Village
    3. Reading cookbooks
    4. The first signs of Fall
    5. Everything about New Orleans

  10. Hi Miss.......Yeah for your first giveaway!! They are fun! Of course, I'm a follower and I'll blog about it for ya too :)

    Here's my current 5 things I looooove.....

    1.cinnamon apple straws from Costco...they come in a big huge bag and they're AWE.SOME!

    2.blogging, FB and twitter

    3.helping out in Cubby's kindergarten class

    4. THE SNOW!!!!

    5. all my classes at the YMCA

  11. i posted about your giveaway today! woohoo

  12. Oh, so fun! What a generous giveaway!

    Of course, I'm a follower:)

    The five things I love? Father God, my husband, pound cake, summer dresses, and the beach!

  13. I am a follower and I will post on my blog.

    The five things I love are...

    My Kitties
    Anything Chocolate
    Flea Markets
    Homemade Biscuits
    Nora Roberts

    Thanks so much for the Giveaway!

  14. I am a follower. So far I have never won anything in blog land so i would be tickled pink if I won this !
    5 things I love ( outside of my family for sure) are:
    -Sweet Tea
    -Mango Herbal Tea
    -Lavender Candles
    -LaSource body lotion

    Tootles !

  15. I'm a new follower, and excited to look around some more. I hope you'll stop by and visit me, too.

    Five things I love...

    My family and friends
    Dr. Pepper
    my netbook
    my DVR

  16. 1)my family (husband/daughter)
    2)the sookie stackhouse books
    3)hot showers

  17. This is fun! 5 things I love -- 1) God 2) My family 3) my friends 4) sweet tea 5)chocolate!! I could be more specific on these, but these are my loves! Thanks for having a cool giveaway!

    I am a follower, also!


  18. I am a new follower and will blog about it right away! I love the idea for this give-a-way and will be crossing my fingers!!! What an amazing gift collection!!!

    My top five...hmm...that is hard but I will try to narrow it down!

    1. french press (coffee addict!)

    2. Juicer
    3. Anything having to do with Alaska

    4&5 My little helpers... I don't know how I lived before them!

    These five things get me thru my day...

  19. I am a new follower! :0)
    Great give-away!!

  20. My 5 favourite things( not in that order):
    1. Creating things
    2. Nature
    3. My family
    4. Time with good friends
    5. Iced Cappuccino ( Tim Hortons)

  21. I am know a follower.
    5 Things I LOVE:
    1. a tall coffee but in a grande cup from Starbucks
    2. Going out to dinner on Friday nights
    3. Red Wine....Red diamond or La Crema
    4. checking the mail
    5. Hanging out with my daughter June

  22. Hi Misty! I am a new follower and I just adore your blog. I am not sure how I found ya, but I am so glad that I did! I am a southern chick myself! It's so nice to have met you and I am going to enter your giveaway, its such a cute giveaway!! Here are my top 5's I cant live without (p.s. you and I love the same starbucks classic,yummy)

    1. Mascara- I am an addict! I love my mascara!
    2.Chapstick or Lipgloss- same issue as #1.
    3.Starbucks- I am a regular there. I think I need to just purchase a franchise, it would be cheaper. ha ha =)
    4.Sunglasses-they are a MUST have, I do not go anywhere without them.
    5.My Blackberry- otherwise known as "crackberry", yeah its that addicting!!

    I am headed over to my place to blog about this! Nice to meet ya!!

    A Southern Girl with Curls

  23. 2 more for me! I blogged about you!

  24. 1-My son
    2-My family
    3-LOng walks on the beach
    4-Dancing like no one is watching

  25. Hey there! I'm a follower and love reading your blog.
    My faves are...
    1.) mcdonald's cokes
    2.) Shopaholic Series
    3.) bare escentuals lip gloss in bubble gum
    4.) Gussy clutch
    5.) trashy gossip magazines :)especially if they have to do with the bachelor or jessica simpson. ha.

  26. I've been a follower for a little while now, and your blog is absolutely adorable.
    5 Things I love:
    Retro Aprons
    Nail Polish
    I realize much of my list is centered around food which just means I'm hungry. Please enter me.

  27. I'm a new follower, and I love:
    1. My scotch guard window cleaning cloth
    2. Big Sexy Hair Hairspray
    3. Colgate toothbrushes
    4. Bath and Body Works foam soaps
    5. chocolate covered rasins


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