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Monday, February 8, 2010

Dream Jobs

This week's Top 2 Tuesday over at Jimmy Choos & A Baby Too is to share your top two dream jobs, so here we go:

I have to say that I currently have my ULTIMATE dream job! Being a stay-at-home mama to my babes is the most fulfilling, rewarding, wonderful job I've ever had. I will, however, be returning to work in the fall (for a number of reasons, but that's another post) so I'll share what I consider my top 2 dream "paycheck jobs".

#1. A Teacher. And I mean this in the purest, truest, simplest sense. I want to strip away all of the politicking, paperwork, and micromanagement and be a "real" teacher. I want to engage children in the excitement of learning, teach them simple things that will matter in their lives, and show them that they can be learners and teachers themselves for the rest of their life. This is what I set out to do when I chose Education as my major when I was just a high school senior. Unfortunately, everything else that is imposed on teachers has clouded my perception of teaching over the past 5 years. During my time off, I often find myself mentally working through the separation and trying to define what is teaching and what is "everything else". Hopefully if I can separate "everything else" from the actual teaching, I can return to my job with a new attitude and successfully teach without being weighed down by the rest. This is my hope.

#2. A Play Therapist. I think that this would be a wonderful job to have...I love to watch children learn new things, make growth, and reach goals. Many children go to play therapy for any number of reasons, and I think it would be so rewarding to help children that may face many obstacles achieve new skills. I have looked into this job field, but it would require me to take a substantial amount of coursework to complete a degree that would allow me to practice play therapy. It is something that isn't totally feasible right now, but I'm keeping that door open for the future.

Thanks to Taylor for hosting Top Two Tuesday! Come join in the fun!


  1. I've never heard of a play therapist... sounds like a great job though!

  2. I have never heard of a play therapist either. Sounds like a great job.

  3. So fun! I am in school to be a teacher and I cannot wait!

  4. Hi, Im a new follower...I have to say I love your choices :) Your blog is sooo cute...cant wait to read more!

  5. The play therapist sounds like so much fun. being a stay at home mom is the best job for me but i do miss my corporate job sometimes and i mean only sometimes!

    I have you something over at my blog when you have a chance!


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