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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

I've got several things to smile about today! Kitchen Belleicious gave me this sweet little award.

I love her blog because she shares some fantastic recipes! It's definitely worth your time to take a peek at what she's blogging...I mean who can resist a good Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe?

I'm passing this award on to several bloggers who brighten my day:
Everyday Everharts :A new-to-blogging friend with the sweetest little family.

Sweet Tea and Biscuits :A southern sister who hosts Sips of the South, which I love!

The Treat Girl : She shares the same love of sweets...especially an affinity for cupcakes.

No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane :If you want to be inspired, read this chick!

These were the "rules" as listed when it was given to me, but I'm not much of a rule follower, so I say just award it to whoever you want to recognize for brightening your day with their blog!

First- award them to 12 of your favorite blogs.
Second- blog about who you gave you the award and link it back to your site

Second on my smile list are these little beauties:

Aren't they just so ugly they're cute! I tried them on, fell in love because they are like walking on clouds, but decided they were too expensive. When I got home I looked online and they were 50% off. Sold! They come in lots of cute can find them here.

**Also, if you haven't visited Short Southern Momma and her new digs for her blog, head on over there and see! She's also having a giveaway with her newest sponsor!! Enter and win! :)


  1. Aww thanks! OK were you really up at 3am posting this?

  2. Miss!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! My bloggy friends are THE.BEST!!

  3. So glad to give you that award. I can't wait to check out those fab girls you gave it to! Have a good day

  4. Oh my gosh! You weren't kidding about the headband! What a coincidence! Also, I got my package over the weekend (while I was out of town!) And I adore it! Thank you thank you thank you! And don't feel about eating the heart. The Sweettarts already hit the spot today, and I totally forgot to take a picture, too!


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