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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clearly I am NOT my Mamaw

My Mamaw was known for her cooking, especially her biscuits. She constantly had a dough ball that she kept in a big tupperware bowl of flour and she would add ingredients to it to make more dough as she needed it (which was like every day). I'm not sure what I thought...maybe by divine intervention her biscuit making skills would be genetically passed down to me. I was mistaken.

It all started out well enough. I had my recipe to try: Southern Living's Stir-and-Roll Biscuits (that I blogged about on Monday).

I had all of my ingredients:

I sifted my dry ingredients together, and then stirred in my wets until it pulled together like a ball:

I gently rolled/patted my dough out, then cut my biscuits:

Into the oven they went to bake (please excuse the fingerprints, children live here):

And voila, out they came! Delicious little biscuit bricks!:

What went wrong?? They tasted quite yummy, but it was as if someone took them apart, removed all of the fluffy middle, and put them back together. They definitely don't look like the ones in the magazine (which promised them to be "high rising") and not like my Mamaw's either. If you're a biscuit maker, please help! I really want to be able to make some yummy, fluffy's a requirement for a Southern Mama!


  1. I am impressed that you had the time to try this - and I am sure that someone out there will have wonderful tips on how to make them more fluffy, but for now my tip is this: Grand's buttermilk biscuits in the freezer section. They come in a zip-loc bag so you just pull out how many you need & save the rest for another day. Ha ha!

  2. Oh, bless your heart! I'm sure you will get them right! My grandma made the best biscuits too! I will never be able to make them like she did :)

  3. My advise? Try my recipe:
    LOL. :)

  4. Thanks girls...

    MHQ, I will be trying your recipe soon!

    And Julie, I'll get some Grands to keep in the freezer just in case! ;)

  5. Those biscuits in Southern Living looked great ... I am discouraged that they might not be as easy to make as I thought! Let me know if you try them again!

  6. I could not make homemade biscuits to save my life! My grandma would be so disappointed in me if she knew!

  7. ok i'm asking the only question i can think to ask....was the baking powder exp? sometimes when i bake and if it was old they don't turn out...
    then again what do i know?

    they looked good though! :o)

    i love southern living...I ♥ southern living!

  8. oh i ♥ pink champagne. sorry for that odd random comment...but i keep seeing ur about me profile over there (points) and it says sweets and champagne! ha ha i love both too

  9. Laura, thanks for the advice...I did a little test on the baking powder (put in water/fizz test) and it was good. I've come to the conclusion that I must just have over worked the dough.

    And I love pink champagne too! When I was younger it was the Andre I loved, but now I like Barefoot Bubbly, Asti, and many other champagnes!

  10. O.k. I thought more about it and all I can say is in my experience, using oil is never a good thing....and baking powder always seems to rise better in biscuts than baking soda.
    And maybe you did overwork them but any biscut recipe that I ever tried that was a roll out and cut always turned out awful.
    Hoep you get better biscuts soon! :)

  11. MHQ, thank you so much for the tips! I will be trying again next week, so I'll keep ya'll posted on the results! :)

  12. Just a tip ( I know I'm late but I'm new!) Instead of oil, use Crisco. Melt it in the baking dish you're using. dredge both sides of the biscuit in the melted Crisco and place the biscuits side by side (touching). If you want them fluffy, mix your dough until it's just barely mixed and then STOP. Don't mess with them anymore. Don't roll your dough out too thin, before cutting your rounds. Hope this helps! My grandma makes the best biscuits and taught me very young!


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