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Friday, February 26, 2010

Top Five Friday...My Buggy Boo

My little girl is growing so quickly that she's literally changing before my eyes! I really enjoy the "baby" stage, but I also get excited when they learn new things as they approach the "toddler" stage. Bug is making her way to being a toddler as fast as she can, so I thought I'd share the Top 5 things that are "new" with Bug.

#5. She's getting her first teeth! My babies don't get their teeth early...Monkey was 11 months, but Bug started to get her first tooth when she turned 9 months. About a week after the first one broke through, the next one started coming in. Two little bottom teeth, and she has the most precious toothy grin!

#4. I posted a while back that she had begun pulling up so we had to lower her crib, but just a couple weeks ago she began cruising. She'll walk along the tub or the couch and has even occasionally turned and let go, but once she realizes this she promptly sits down on her biscuit.
Cruising around the laundry basket.
(This one is just to show you how we watch tv in our house...standing on the laundry basket about 10 inches from the screen. Hmmm...)

#3. She is into EVERYTHING! This is something that I did not experience with Monkey; he was very happy to sit and play with the toys I gave him and he would follow me around the house, but the Bug has a very different game plan. Her strategy is to get into every drawer, cabinet, and box in the house and then find the smallest choking hazard she can and eat it upon sight. I think this is also more of an issue because we have Monkey's toys throughout the house. I'm constantly fish-hooking her mouth just to be sure she doesn't have anything in it.

#2. She's talking...most of it is babble, but we do get a few of the same words over and over (so in my mind that means she knows them). She will say "Da-Da" (of course, no Ma-Ma), "Ba-Ba" and "Hey There" (which sounds like "hey da", but she waves while saying it so that makes it real).

#1. She is kissing me! She is definitely a Mama's Girl and I love how she'll reach her arms out to me, hug my neck tight, and then plant a big open mouthed sloppy kiss on me. Sometimes they land on my cheek, nose or even chin, but I love every one of them!My baby girl is growing up so fast! I love every new thing she learns, but I know that each one brings us one step towards toddlerhood and one step away from babyhood, so I'm cherishing each minute!


  1. Enjoy this time with her because before you know it, she be a sassy tween.

  2. her profile looks like her momma!

    i can other kids never emptied drawers or climbed....lily doesn't take after them in that regards

  3. I just noticed that you have my button on your sidebar :) Thank you, so sweet! And these pictures are precious, thank you for sharing!

  4. I love that photo of you two napping together. That was one of my favorite parts of babyhood.


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