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Monday, February 8, 2010

Please excuse me while I wipe my drool!

I firmly believe that the sole purpose Southern Living magazine being published this month was to make me drool over all of the delicious recipes and tempt me into making them so I'll gain back the baby weight that I've so patiently waited on losing (I won't go so far as to say that I tried to lose the weight, but I did give it the fair "9 month down" time period and all but 2 lbs have disappeared).
I especially love this issue because they offer recipes from three of my favorite kinds of food...Southern, Sweets, and Pastas!
I've narrowed my cook list down to a couple recipes that I want to try in the immediate future and the others I'll save for later. Here's what I'll be cooking soon ...and if I'm really good I'll review each recipe after I make it!

Sweet Eats:

Pasta Eats:

Mmmm! We'll see what I make first...
(cover pic is linked to Feb. 2010 recipe index...all photos courtesy of Southern Living dot com)


  1. oh yeah, I seen that at the store yesterday...just had to walk away....walk away. {LOL}

  2. I think I gotta grab me that one!! Although with all the snow we've had.....all I've been doing is baking and cooking! .....and then EATING!!!

  3. hehe My mama is bringing back my copy tomorrow, so I can bake those cookies on the cover for our Valentine playgroup next Monday. Love SL!

  4. girlfriend...i almost posted this cover last week w/the same description. too funny!


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