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Monday, February 22, 2010


I feel like my life is filling up, stress is creeping in and I need it to go away. I really never knew how much I'd have going on being a stay at home mom. I tried to plan a play date for this week, and it was about impossible...Monkey will be skipping a nap on Wednesday to play. We have Preschool, swim lessons, Bible Study, house showings, tutoring, church, housework, naptimes, and so on. A lot of it is "good" busy or "necessary" busy, but I know that I need to eliminate the "wasteful" busy that is in my life. The perusing the internet busy, the tv busy, the walmart busy (I seriously am at that place every other day).

In order to respect the priorities in my life (the Lord, my home, my family) I've decided to "unplug" on Sundays and Wednesdays. This blogging thing is easily addictive, and although it's very fun, it shouldn't keep me from those things that I've put first in my life.

On a lighter note, we show our house for the first time tomorrow. We're keeping our fingers crossed! ...and this has also helped me keep my New Year's Resolution to keep my home organized.

In giveaway news, you can still enter my giveaway until this evening and I'm posting a button link to another giveaway that I'm sure you'll love!


  1. Fingers crossed on your house. Being a SAHM is a full time job-the hardest job we will ever love. There is not clocking out-no breaks and we do not get paid with money--but it is the most rewarding thing we will ever do!

  2. Good for you girl! I just realized the importance of putting priorities in order. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you all!

  3. I agree. I feel that way too. Only I'm a working mom and sometimes I just feel like I'm being pulled a million and one directions. I need to UNPLUG too!! Oh, and thanks for the giveaway reminder. I almost forgot! Whew!

  4. Ooh thanks for the giveaway reminder. I must have missed that day. What a cute one. Don't worry we all get stressed sometimes it's natural.

  5. Good for you for unplugging. I'm often shocked by how busy life as a SAHM is. I always thought there'd be a lot more down time. I guess we have to make it for ourselves, huh?


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